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11 Great Fall (or Autumn) Date ideas if you live in Nova Scotia

Welcome to the season that kills humidity and revives the good old fashion Bill Cosby sweater. We’ve shared with you date ideas before. We shared a post about date ideas for fun people in Halifax and another about date ideas during the winter! This time, we’re sharing a few tips and tricks for sparking a little chemistry during the Fall or Autumn (if that’s what you want to call it). With summer over, school back in swing and those short days in the office are coming to an end, these date ideas are sure to keep the fireworks going even though Natal Day is long gone!
Enjoy a Wine Harvest:

Nova Scotia is known for having some AMAZING wines. Whether you want to simply take a stroll in Halifax and check out Obladeee Wine Bar for some delicious beverages or get out of the city and enjoy a Winery; the Province is yours to explore. I’ve had the privilege of enjoying Wine Tours from the likes of JOST and Pete’s, both are awesome and both are highly recommended. That said, I’ve heard of a handful of other wineries that provide a 5 star experience at more than reasonable rates – Be sure to do some research and check one out before it’s too chilly!

Bundle up for a Fall Picnic:

Grab a toque. Grab a scarf. Grab a picnic basket and head out for a Fall Picnic. You can expect to have orange, red and yellow leaves surrounding you and your partner, but that’s why you bring a fleece blanket to sit on and possibly another to wrap around yourselves after chowing down on some delicious food.

Watch a local Football or Hockey Game:

Not everyone can cough up the cash to fly to Toronto and watch the Argos or the cash to fly to Philadelphia and watch the Eagles put on a show (Go Eagles!). So what else can you do while the NHL continues their strike? Check out some local Football or Hockey Games. Whether you’re a football fan watching the Huskies or a hockey fan watching the Mooseheads strive for gold – Supporting a local sports team (high schools included) are always a great way to relax during the fall.

Drive the Cabot Trail:

Enjoying the spectacular views is only one part of the drive, make sure you hop out of the car at least twice to experience the trails. The Skyline Trail takes about 45 minutes to walk out to the amazing boardwalk on the cliff but is without question an experience you won’t soon forget. The view is stunning and if the leaves are just right the scenery is 100% breathtaking. As you drive the Cabot Trail you are sure to feel as if every corner is another terrific spot to take some amazing photos. Trust us, this one is worth the trip!

Host a Bon-Fire in your Backyard:

Getting out and doing things in the city are always a blast, but being able to kickback in a pair of jogging  pants, a hoodie and a beer is quite enjoyable after a long day in the office. Invite a few friends over for a bon-fire and BBQ to celebrate nothing more than the fact that life is good and you’re able to spend an evening laughing around a fire on a chilly yet beautiful autumn night.

Take part in HALI-ween:

The weekend before, the day of and the weekend after Halloween in Halifax are sure to be dripping with some of the scariest, sexiest and epic costumes you have ever seen. Don’t miss out on the fun this year, swing by one of the many Halloween shops throughout the city and make sure you have a costume that is just as impressive as the other Haligonians. While there are tons of parties and events happening on the weekends surrounding Halloween, you really need to celebrate Halloween, on Halloween – Check out Nightmare Night for an evening you will never forget.

Daylight Savings Date:

After a long summer of late night partying, festivals, soccer baseball games and those fall work hours that extend past six, we could all use an extra hour of sleep to let our bodies catch up. Well, soon enough it will be here. While Daylight Savings may spark conversations twice a year about whether or not it’s actually relevant, the reality is, it exists. We believe it’s something that you can use to your advantage! Whether it’s going out at night and having an extra hour on the town or staying up an extra hour to enjoy your partners company – Daylight Savings provides with a variety of unique opportunities to do something different with that extra hour!

Take A Hike & Enjoy the Foilage:

Nova Scotia is an awesome spot for Fall hikes and has a variety of different trails ranging from beginner to instant calorie burners. Hiking is a great active option for those of you who like to fill your lungs with the fresh fall air and enjoy the serenity of being outdoors. If you want to get really fancy, head over to Humani-T Cafe for some organic treats before your hike and have a picnic. Right here in Halifax, Hemlock Ravine Trails is a crowds favourite but my favourite trails include Victoria Falls and Egypt Falls in Cape Breton (see what they have in common?).

Freak out at a Haunted House:

You could sit at home and be traumatized from the likes of Childs Play or The Exorcist or you can bring back a Halloween Tradition. Grab a group of friends, be sure to bundle up with scarves and possibly even mittens and take a walk through the treacherous halls of a Haunted house. Now, the majority of Haunted Houses found throughout the Province aren’t exactly the best for anyone with heart conditions. I’ll never forget the first time I walked into a Haunted House….Let’s just say I left running! Consider this your warning: If you want to enjoy the Haunted House experience, you have to go early in the month! Towards the end of October the line ups are ridiculously long – Another option is to just sign up for a Private Haunted House Tour.

Bundle up for a Brewery Tour:

Seasonal beer sampling and the fall foliage is a great way to get a little boozy while enjoying the fall colors. Halifax offers a wide range of brewery options and the majority of the craft brewers are always keen on offering up some great beverages. Whether it’s Garrison’s Harvest Wheat ale, an unfiltered fall favourite of the past or Propeller’s inaugural Nocturne Dark Lager. While I’ve come to love the delicious beverages of Garrison whether it’s seasonal or not, there’s no doubt that a Brewery Tour is a great way to celebrate the season. In fact, we just so happen to be running a Brewery Tour in Halifax this month!

Visit Hatfield Farms:

To say Hatfield Farms is built for the Fall would be an understatement. While it’s just as awesome in the Summer – The Fall allows for this place to really come to life in a different light. The foilage is awesome and the cozy environment is excellent if you’re with a group of people who are looking to have a good time.

Carve a Pumpkin:

October 31st is when this tradition officially gets old but it’s far from something you cant do in preparation for the upcoming year! I’ve come across some amazing Pumpkin carvings surfing the web but I’ve yet to exactly get a grip on how to carve something awesome on my own. Either way, it might be worth prepping your skills before doing this one with your partner that way you can impress him with your unbelievable talents. Heck, if you want to start practicing now, why don’t you join us for a Pumpkin Carving contest on the 29th and truly blow her away by taking home a win!

  • Christine Larade

    We are having our little guy’s birthday party at Hatfield Farms and I think the parents are more excited than the kids!

  • AuthenticSeacoast

    Great list of ideas. Nova Scotia is very romantic in the fall. Red Canadian Maple Leaf listed Nova Scotia’s DesBarres Manor Inn as one of their 10 ideas for a romantic date in Canada

  • Christina

    Great ideas!

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